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Why hire a mixing engineer?

So why should one hire a mixing engineer instead of mixing on your own?
A mixing engineer as well as a mastering engineer knows what tools to use in different situations. With the growth and every expanding tutorials on Youtube, there’s a lot you can learn but most of the time the information is the opposite to one another.
Should I high-pass everything, should I not etc etc.


For me as a mixing engineer I approach a project with a fresh pair of ears where I might hear other ways of bringing sounds together than the band/artist themselves. I also use my experience (mixing hundreds of songs) to nail the sound with the references I am given. 
There can be areas where a problem arise and that’s not always easy to solve but with experience and toolsets I have, these are solved. There could be clicks and pops, slight adjustments in timing, alignment of backing vocals, out of tune guitar-parts or adding extra weight using samples for the drums. 

I want to share my knowledge so don’t be afraid to shoot me a message if you want someone to ask or learn from!

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