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This is what we do!


Recording is a hard process, I want to be real with that. It takes time, should take time because what we want to accomplish is to blow the listener/fans away! 
With quality equipment we’ll take your recordings to a new level!


When the recording has been done (either by yourself/others or with me) the next step is to get the music shining to what you want it to sound like. This process is done with top quality plugins and hardware making you music shine to radio/release-ready level!


The last step before release (a part from the promotion and such of course) is to make your music sound the best. Digital release, CD, Vinyl, Tape, you name it. Lets bring it!


Need me to record and play instruments? Co-write songs? Give feedback on the current state?

A Benefit / Feature

The gear

A brief overview of what I have to offer in terms of gear

Apple Mac Studio

Pro Tools 2023
Presonus Studio One Professional

Universal Audio
Black salt audio
IK Multimedia
and many many more

HW gear:
Kali IN series monitors
Genelec monitors
Warm audio preamps, compressors
Klark Audio compressors
BSS compressors
Golden Age preamps
Soundtrac mixing/recording console
JZ Microphones
Golden Age
Warm Audio
and more mics


Gretch Catalina Rock Club
PDP Concept series (older version)
Ziljdan cymbals
Tebbs drumsticks (endorsement)

Marshall 4×12 (Greenbacks)
Harley Benton 2×12 (V30)
Epiphone 4×12
Ibanez 4×12
Bugera 6262
Ibanez Tubescreamer top
Fender amps
Orange tiny terror
Gibson/Epiphone guitars
Fender/Squier guitars and bass
Vintage guitars
Harley Benton guitar


I believe I can do the job in most genres but my heart is in the rock/indie/acoustic/metal world and that’s where my specialties are

I’d like to schedule a call to discuss what the end result of the project looks like, the amount of songs, what needs to be done, deadlines etc.
When I know that, I can put a price tag on it

I’d like to receive the files in wav-format or aiff.
Note: Please submit the files together with a note on bpm, sample rate, bit-rate (of how it was recorded). 
NO MP3s please
Another thing is please name the files appropriatley (meaning not audio01, audio02 etc). Proper naming makes the mix go even faster

Depends on the source material (how it was recorded), how many tracks etc but always aiming to get a first version back in 3 days.

OHHH YEAH! Atmos is now a part of my offering!

No not really but do aim to be around 3dB or lower and put all limiters off when exporting please

Yeah I do! If you know what plant you are sending the vinyl to be produced at, please let me know and I will look at their guidelines

Very individual but I’d like to think so at least 🙂
Grab a coffee, lets do a videocall or call and talk!

Client Testimonials

Martin worked with me on an upcoming single, Razorhawk, for my project Through Mists. He was helpful and listened to what I wanted and how I wanted the song to sound, and was very responsive and receptive to what tweaks I wanted. Very much recommended!!! I would say if you're looking for someone that will work with you and get you the sound you want, Martin is your man!!
Jimmy A
"I can highly recommend Martin for mixing and mastering purposes. My band Stone Brigade worked with Martin with our latest release Madman's Paradise, and we are very satisfied with the result! Martin is also a genuinely nice guy and is very easy to work with. We will surely use him for recording purposes again..
“Thank you, Martin, for an awesome mastering result! Your mix was an even harder belly punch than expected. Brilliant!”
Liam N

Lets get the music out there!

Not only will I record/produce/mix and/or master, I will as well guide you to sucess in any way I possibly can!