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Let's create the songs of your life!


What can I solve for you today?
Record your music!


Got a song idea that you want to record or have produced to it's full potential? With over 20 years of experience playing music and recording, I am sure I can take your songs to the next level!

Mix your music!


When the song is done recording, let's get to getting the absolute best of your song/s. With a hybrid setup of industry standard and the tools needed for a great mix, let's get it there!

Mix your music prepared for digital releases, atmos or physical.

Mixing Dolby atmos

Dolby Atmos

Audio is going through a new era of how it is presented. Dolby atmos has developed a lot during the past few years and it is growing as we speak.

What Atmos bring to the table is that the listener will be immersed into the music in another way, creating a 3D landscape while listening on their speaker or headphones getting captured within the music!



Mix is done, lets get the final polish to the music!

Loud Legacy Records


Level up, collaborate with my own label to get your music spread to more fans!

Dedicated to get your career up a notch with detailed releaseplans, EPK, potential music video, promotion and press released, join forces and make your music be heard!

Why work with me?

Benefit 1

Industry standard tools all from Pro Tools to Universal Audio and everything in between

Benefit 2

A full serviced team with 20+ years of experience recording, mixing and mastering as well as being a musician

Benefit 3

With your reference, I will take your track to the radio-ready mix you deserve

Benefit 4

Look what Sweden has brought us! Avicii, ABBA, Refused, Millencolin, Fireside and sooo many good bands

About M.A Productions

I started off some 20 years ago (and more) as a musician, fell in love with creating, recording and the engineering part which I have done ever since!

I grew up in the era of mid-90s hardcore with bands like Refused, Get up kids and more and has then continued listening to rock, indie-rock, metal and many more genres making some great tunes!


Martin worked with me on an upcoming single, Razorhawk, for my project Through Mists. He was helpful and listened to what I wanted and how I wanted the song to sound, and was very responsive and receptive to what tweaks I wanted. Very much recommended!!! I would say if you're looking for someone that will work with you and get you the sound you want, Martin is your man!!
Jimmy A
“Thank you, Martin, for an awesome mastering result! Your mix was an even harder belly punch than expected. Brilliant!”
Liam N
“It was great working with Martin and I definitely recommend it! From what I understood when it comes to drums, Martin was then more used to mixing heavy drums and yet had to bear with my 70s untight and organic drumming. The result turned out awesome and I love the sound of the mix. Not to mention all the tips I got from him when recording. Hope I'll get to record with you again!

Are you ready to make your best music yet?

Get it now, get it great, lets talk!