Bass recording

It’s time to record bass and these are my top tips to get a solid bass sound for your recordings!

Like for all sounds being recorded a proper intonated instrument, fresh strings and a well rehearsed part is key to a great sounding recording in the end. There’s just not that many corners you can cut when it comes to this.

When recording at home make sure to tune your bass (as a rule I go with, after every take), use a DI-box (if using an amp most, if not all, have a through-port to both record a clean DI-signal and the amp) and don’t settle with good enough. It can be tedious to record lots of takes but in the end it is the end result that counts which will make the process for the rest of the band, the engineer and the final outcome soo much easier.


– Intonate
– Learn the parts
– Fresh strings
– Tune after every take
– DI-box