Recording guitars


When it comes to record guitars here’s my top tips around getting the sound you want!
First off, intonation and tuning is two key things to get a solid guitar sound. I have come across lots of guitarist that has not had this settled before entering the studio. If you are not able to get this done yourself, there’s certainly one at your local music shop that would happily help and guide you through the process.
When recording you guitar at home many interfaces have very clean preamps built in and some with a dedicated intrument input as well otherwise I would recommend a DI-box to solidify the signal on the way in.
Recording the guitar through an amp is a standard way of getting the capture and please do take time to really get the tone you want on the cab. When it comes to the microphone infront of the amp and the placement of that particular mic the end result will come down to the where the mic is placed. I usually take my time to find the placement which represents the sound I want.