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Its all about emotions

Make your best music

Create with a vibe

Music production, recording, mixing and mastering


These are just some of the records I have worked on.


Music production
Have an idea for a song and want input on how to make it huge? Lets talk and create something beautiful
Okey so you have the song and want it to be recorded? No problem, I will do it for you and guide you through the process
The recorded material is all done, now lets make it sound awesome! Using the tools to make the music shine!
Lets get your finished mix shine even more! All adapted to the desired media you want


Production & Recording
Standard rate is 4000 SEK / €450 (VAT not included) per song

Production and recording can differ from project to project so please submit a quote request and describe your project and I will get back with further information
Standard rate is 3500 SEK / €350 (VAT not included) per song

Packaged pricing will be applied for EPs and albums
Standard rate 650 SEK / €65 (VAT not included) per song

EP: 3000 SEK / €300 (VAT not included)
Album: 4500 SEK / €450 (VAT not included)



About me

I have been a musician and engineer for the past 20 years usually doing rock and heavier styles of music.
Music to me is to grasp the emotion of the message that I want to bring with my music. That could be aggressive, emotional, atmospheric or heavy. All sorts are right as long as it grabs you.

Growing up in the nothern part of Sweden with the 90’s hardcore scene close by has of course affected my taste of genres. With bands like Cult of Luna, Refused, Gojira, At the gates and many more reflects how I look at music and the vibe of my finished productions

Recording tips

Recording guitar

Recording guitar

Recording guitars When it comes to record guitars here's my top tips around getting the sound you want! First off, intonation and tuning is two key things to get a solid guitar sound. I have come across lots of guitarist that has not had this settled before entering the studio.…
Recording bass guitar

Recording bass guitar

It's time to record bass and these are my top tips to get a solid bass sound for your recordings! Like for all sounds being recorded a proper intonated instrument, fresh strings and a well rehearsed part is key to a great sounding recording in the end. There's just not…